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DCG is a specialized consulting and advisory group located in Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, Georgia. We provide focused, immediate attention to the needs of a select group of clients in several key areas including Strategic Alliances, Marketing and Distribution Arrangements, and Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting. Our past and current clients include a diverse group of private growth companies.

DCG's particular specialty is providing advisory and consulting services to its clients, including with respect to growth and diversification strategies and related activities.  DCG believes the speed at which it moves, the range of its contacts, and the effectiveness of its activities is unmatched in its business. 


DCG has built relationships and executed transactions with some of the best businesses in their respective industries.  We have built this successful track record by consistently working with the most exciting and enterprising growth companies in the industries in which we operate.  Those companies include:

  •  InPhonic engaged DCG to help create the original business plan for the company and develop a number of InPhonic's strategic relationships.  InPhonic acquired seven companies, and became the fastest growing company on the 2004 Inc. 500 Index.  Its CEO David Steinberg has become one of the most successful CEOs in the nation.  InPhonic recently went public with an $800 million market cap, one of the most successful IPOs in recent years.

  •  AppNet Systems engaged DCG to help devise its key growth strategy and to explore possible acquisition targets.

    AppNet acquired 12 companies, went public and was acquired by Commerce One for $2.1 billion.  Ken Bajaj then acquired DigitalNet, which also went public and was acquired by BAE Systems for approximately $600 million in cash.  These transactions have made Ken Bajaj one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country over the last several years.  DCG is assisting Ken Bajaj on his next venture, SystemsNet.

  • USAF (United States Arbitrage Finance) engaged DCG to assist in the implementation of a stratagy to enable the creation of a business involving the offering of the interest portion of government SBA loans to private financial institutions. After raising the capital, Michael Thomas created a full-service team to implement the plan which was funded by Roark Capital and SunTrust.

  • Unisource Energy, an Arizona-based diversified energy holding company, engaged DCG to help devise a strategy for its efforts in renewable energy technology.  An acquisition of  Unisource was attempted in a public-to-private transaction for approximately $3 billion by a private equity group led by Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts.  

  • Allegiance Telecom, an $800 million competitive local exchange carrier, engaged DCG to develop an acquisition strategy and explore possible acquisition targets for the company.  Allegiance was acquired by XO Communications for approximately $550 million in 2004.

  • Corvis Communications' subsidiaries engaged DCG to provide strategic advice and explore possible acquisition targets.  DCG worked closely with Corvis CEO Dr. David Huber and his team in their efforts to leverage the optical components products expertise of the company into its new broadband services business.  In 2003, Corvis acquired Broadwing Communications, Inc.  

  • Broadwing Communications engaged DCG to explore possible acquisition targets for Broadwing, and advise on strategic acquistitions.

  • Behringer Harvard Funds, the parent and sponsor of a family of long term, intermediate term and short term real estate funds, engaged DCG to explore a variety of growth alternatives.  By late 2004, Behringer had invested over $650 million in prime real estate properties around the country.

DCG professionals have deep experience in developing strategies and executing large transactions from multiple complementary perspectives: as investment bankers, operations executives, entrepreneurs, technologists and transaction attorneys. This history allows DCG to offer a specialized advisory service and unique access to a broad and geographically diverse market.  DCG seeks to establish long term relationships with its client companies.

In its advisory and consulting activities, DCG has helped build billions of dollars of shareholder value by creating partnerships between some of the most interesting growth companies in the areas of communications infrastructure and services, wireless services, international content distribution, e-business services,  emerging technology, energy, financial services, manufacturing, and real estate.

In its Merger and Acquisition Consulting, DCG professionals have helped identify and provide strategic advisory services to successful transactions in the e-business services, energy, digital asset management, financial services, shipbuilding, enhanced telecommunications and network construction industries. DCG's M&A Consulting involves both buy side and sell side representations. DCG also utilizes its national and global strategic relationships with individuals and businesses to create viable distribution channels for the products and services of it clients, creating critical paths to market.


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